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Merged by gravity: Made for this

When clay is shaped by a mold, it acquires a final form. However, right when it comes out of the mold, the material is still supple and elastic. These two characteristics are paramount in the creation process of Merged by Gravity. A play unfolds between me and the material, in which I allow two separate objects to deform one another through the force of gravity. I guide the objects, but the shaping occurs due to the properties of the material and chance.

The connection between the two objects, which have found and molded each other, is unique. Traces of the initial form of the clay objects remain visible, and together, they create an entirely new shape. From that point on, they belong together.

In this case, the forms are not only shaped for and by each other but also by the environment. They are designed for the surface on which they rest, thus forming a unified whole.

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